We are dedicated to preserving the natural habitat and splendor of Geneva Lake, honoring the vision of our community’s founders and creating a bright future for area residents and visitors.

Our Board Members

Secretary - Vacant



Treasurer - Richard Marra

Richard Marra


President - Casey Schiche

Casey Schiche


Our Vision

Our Vision is to pass along a better Lake Geneva than we found and secure a bright future of the Geneva Lake Area.

We believe a better Lake Geneva is created by:

  • Participating meaningfully in the process of planning our future;
  • Encouraging a productive community dialogue;
  • Understanding the impacts of development on the environment;
  • Balancing land development with protecting the environment;
  • Ensuring Lake Geneva is kept clean and clear.

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Lakeside Concerns

Care for Lake Geneva was originally formed after Geneva Ridge abandoned its plans for a massive high density development on the Hummel Property. This group of community members understood that the land would most likely be developed, but they also believed it could be done in a responsible manner. In the words of President Casey Schiche, this manner always “includes open space preservation and consistency with the character of the Lake Geneva community.” This philosophy that was once only directed at the Hummel Property translates to other issues facing Geneva Lake, which are detailed in the map below.

Big Foot Beach

We encouraged the Lake Geneva Board of Supervisors to embrace residents’ opposition to the re-routing and repurposing of Big Foot Beach. This was done to satisfy the needs of weekend boaters at the expense of the environment, the city budget, local boaters, beach goers and small business owners. Aldermen seemed eager to spend some TIF money on the park, but this would have surely cost more than the $2.2 million they proposed. Our goal was to keep this re-route off the TIF funding list and to preserve Big Foot Beach and we’re happy to say that it was reached.


The owners of the Geneva Inn have made several attempts over the years to annex the hotel property into the city of Lake Geneva, ultimately seeking to re-zone the property as commercial. This goal has been discussed in closed-door meetings for quite a while, and in early 2017 the public finally had the opportunity to speak out. We recognize the annexation of the Geneva Inn will inevitably lead to harmful commercial development along the lakeshore, and we are working with community members and city officials to preserve lakeside properties as residential.


The Lake Geneva community breathed a sigh of relief when Geneva Ridge Joint Venture abandoned its original plans to transform this 710+ acre property into a high density residential development. For Sale signs are back on the property, however, and we need to be more vigilant than ever to ensure this property is developed in a responsible manner and in accordance with the character and values of the Lake Geneva community.


Due in large part to a combination of increased boat traffic and pollution, whitefish have become the latest species in Geneva Lake to face extinction. We can take steps to help protect the small number left by choosing environmentally responsible developments in lieu of commercial projects.

Buoys & Piers

In response to the concerns of numerous residents and boaters around Geneva Lake, dangerous and illegal buoys and moorings have been removed or relocated. Officer Juan Gomez of the DNR has also asked the public to report anything that appears to put swimmers or boaters in danger, such as enclosed awnings at the end of a pier that block boaters’ site lines. These are the most recent examples of how Care for Lake Geneva has worked with marina boat owners, the DNR and local government officials to ensure safe boating practices.

City Council

The Lake Geneva City Council makes critical decisions regarding development in our community. Over the past few years, the Council has been caught bending the rules to fit their agenda. Without our efforts and the support of the community, Lake Geneva would have experienced more commercial development and its negative effects as a result. This is why it is important that members of the public stay engaged with their actions and participate in public meetings.


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