City Council Hide Behind Closed Doors for Annexation Talks

We had hoped that, just maybe, the Lake Geneva City Council would take an opportunity during the May 8th city council meeting to address at least one of the widespread concerns regarding the Geneva Inn’s pre-annexation agreement with the city. Instead, council members motioned to push further discussions regarding the annexation to “Closed Sessions” and to confer with legal council. 

This council is a joke.  You dont need legal council if what you are doing is appropriate.  They know this is against the will of the public, yet are pushing forward anyways. 

This is not representation. 

What are they afraid of? What are they hiding?

We first heard about the pre-annexation in early February when the Finance, License and Regulation Committee held a public meeting on the proposal. Remember the February 7th meeting that was only made public the night before and was moved to a smaller room to clearly discourage the public from attending? Yeah, that one.

Since then, significant issues have been levied against the Inn, past agreements, the City Council and past officials. The City Council’s response? Radio silence. And now, they push future discussions to closed-door sessions.

Here at Care for Lake Geneva, we recognize that our elected officials will use closed-door meetings to avoid any charge of Contract Zoning or to provide the public with opportunities to participate in this discussion.

Help us get answers! Reach out to the City Council and ask them the questions we posed above. Tell us what they say – or if they even respond.

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