In the Absence of Leadership

It has been three months since the Geneva Inn announced it was approaching the City of Lake Geneva with a pre-annexation agreement. Since then, significant issues have been levied against the Inn, past agreements, the Lake Geneva City Council and past city officials.

To date, we have yet to hear a public statement by any of our City Council members regarding the widespread concerns over this proposal.

This letter should not be taken as a cry for help. It is rather a request for leadership in this community. We ask our representatives to seek answers, provide feedback and address our concerns. We ask them to stop working in a bubble and speaking through lawyers. Above all, we ask this of our representatives: start engaging with your constituents.

The annexation request had been an ongoing discussion in closed-door meetings for quite some time before the public learned about it the morning of the first Finance Committee meeting on February 7th followed by a City Council meeting on the 13th. Several of you attended these meetings on short notice (thank you again!) and expressed your concerns to our elected officials over the proposal. 

Are our concerns falling on deaf ears?

Here at Care for Lake Geneva, we have highlighted several issues with the proposed annexation and encourage you to continue to share these concerns with the City Council. Here are just a few:

  • Annexation is a stepping stone to the end goal of rezoning residential lakeside property around the Geneva Inn to commercial. This is a clear violation of "The Covenant", a founding document of our community.
  • Expansion plans sought by the Geneva Inn would negatively impact the established neighborhood surrounding the Inn.
  • The totality of the legal and financial requirements put on the city of Lake Geneva is still unknown. For instance, is their property properly zoned, is Lake Geneva required to upgrade their utilities.
  • It will harm the relationship between Linn Township and the City of Lake Geneva. This annexation would reduce the tax base in Linn, which would take away funding for schools, emergency services and other public services for Linn residents
  • It has the very real potential to disrupt the delicate balance between residential and commercial interests on the lake. For example, the party facility proposed by the Geneva Inn would add significant traffic both on and off the lake.
  • It will likely result in costly litigation – and local taxpayers will pay much of that bill.

City leaders should be working with the community to implement plans that preserve lakeside properties and serve the interests of local tax payers. Instead, it is business as usual. Our Representatives neglect to share this information in a transparent and timely fashion and once again choose to be at odds with the public. 

Help us get these questions answered! Contact members of The Lake Geneva City Council through phone, email, Twitter, Facebook or drop in to visit them in person at City Hall.

What You Can Do Now:

  •   Contact your Council Members – ask them these questions and let us know what they say.

Lake Geneva City Council:

* Be sure to include C4LG on all emails;

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