Keep Reroute Off TIF #4 Funding List

Now that the TIF has been voted to be left open and the Aldermen are eager to spend the $10 million on new projects, we have to convince them not to waste $2.2 million on the ReRoute:

  • ReRoute will cost way more than $ 2.2 Mil. because they're constructing the road in the wetlands. The boat launch alone will be half that amount
  • State Park and DNR are under attack by the Governor who has eliminated State Tax funding to Parks in his current budget and who wants each Park to become self-sufficient
  • Federal Funding for Wisconsin Park System ended in 2010
  • Wisconsin's State Parks Conservancy Fund is comprised of private funding grants and small donations made at the parks. All 66 State Parks will be fighting for this money so there's little       chance the DNR will have the money for tiny BFBSP
  • TIF board will be hard to convince to put the boat launch back on the TIF  list since City removed it from the Approved list in 2009 declaring it had been completed because of #120 Bypass, repairs and reorganization of the boat launch had been completed.
  • No Environmental impact studies have been done on the project as yet, but when they are done, they will show a tremendous impact on the Lagoon once it is turned into a Harbor and allowed to mix with Geneva Lake Water. Also there will be an impact on Geneva Lake from Lagoon water.
  • Lagoon is between one and a half and 3 feet higher than the lake. If opened to lake, the Lagoon will be lower and  will need to be dredged to allow boat traffic in the Lagoon to enter lake.
  •  Big Foot Beach is a small Swimmers Beach, but a huge beach for boaters on the weekend. They completely monopolize the shoreline on many weekends and will present problems for boats entering and leaving the lagoon.
  • Big Foot Beach will compete with the City Beach reducing city revenue. City collects over $300,000 per year plus parking revenues
  • City will loose Launch revenue of $33,000.
  • Downtown Businesses will suffer loss of patrons for those going to Park beach instead of City beach.
  • Winter Activities in the  City are centered around the Riviera and the  Boat Launch. Trucks, Fishing Houses, Snowmobiles all use Boat launch for access to lake.
  • State Law requires all lake to have public boat launch facilities distributed through the Municipalities. If the City Boat Launch is moved, the City of Lake Geneva will not have a single Boat Launch. The burden then falls to the other municipalities to pick up Lake Geneva's obligation.  Linn already has 3 boat launches.
  • Linn could veto the whole project





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