Low Turnout, Clear Message: Residents Oppose Re-Zone

The Town of Linn Planning Commission held the 1st Community Engagement Session Monday, March 27th. Jeff Sanders, owner of Community Planning & Consulting, LLC, presented the results of the land use survey sent out to both seasonal and fulltime property owners in the Town of Linn.

We learned that of the 2000+ land use surveys that were distributed to Linn residents regarding the future planned use of property within the Town of Linn only 341 were completed and returned. It is important to point out that about half of those respondents were seasonal, the other half full-time residents. As this was sent out during the winter months, we most certainly had less participation than if we were to have received this mailer during the summer months when landowners are more prevalent in the area.

29 residents came out to Zenda Hall to make their voices heard. Survey participation and event attendance were both low, but the response was strong and clear: members of the Geneva Lake community overwhelmingly STILL oppose commercialization of lakeside properties. That said, more of us need to speak up otherwise the powers that be have room to push through their agenda.

It is critical for Linn's Planning Commission & Board of Supervisors to hear our opposition to any further commercialization of lakeshore properties. We will share the next Planning Commission meeting as soon as it is made public.

Directly below is the tentative schedule for the revision process laid out by Jeff Sanders.  We will be sure to update you as this progresses. 

Community Mapping Forum (optional) - June  
Presentation of First Draft - September 
Public Hearing - November
Town Board Approval – December                                         

To see Mr. Sanders materials presented at the meeting click the link below.



What can you do now? 

If you are a Linn resident, please download and complete the Vision Exercise Worksheet exercise Jeff Sanders had meeting attendees complete. You can find and download that directly below.



When complete send directly to jeffs@communityplanningandconsulting.com. Please copy info@careforlakegeneva.com on this communication so we can stay in the loop.

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