Meeting Tonight - Help Stop Commercialization of Lakefront

Late last night, February 6, we were shocked to discover an attempt by the Geneva Inn to request its adjacent lakefront property be rezoned from residential to commercial property. The City of Lake Geneva’s agenda for tonight's Finance Committee meeting announced the Geneva Inn is requesting annexation into the city. Again, the first meeting to review the recommendation is TONIGHT, February 7th

Please note the meeting will not be held in the City Council Room where it normally is. It will instead take place on the 2nd floor of City Hall, Room 2A at 6:00pm. Join us tonight!

Here at Care for Lake Geneva, we have taken a unified position that lakeside properties should remain residentially zoned because further commercialization of these properties is not in the best interest of Geneva Lake or the surrounding communities. Allowing the city to annex the Geneva Inn would inevitably lead to such commercialization. For example, the Inn would now be able to construct the large banquet hall complex it has long wanted, as well as a restaurant and marina. Additional commercial activity on the lake would destroy the balance between residential and commercial activities on Geneva Lake.

Geneva Inn and the city should be collaborating with the community. Instead, back-door planning and poor public notification have driven this annexation request. City officials have also decided to hold the meeting in a smaller conference room on the 2nd floor of City Hall where it cannot be televised for public viewing. We are keeping a close eye on this process because this  “leapfrog” annexation is not allowed under Wisconsin statute and would therefore provide grounds for litigation if the annexation proceeds. 

Come out tonight and tell the City Council that you do not support this annexation. Stand with Care for Lake Geneva in support of responsible development that preserves our beautiful lakeside properties.

Don’t let business interests slide under the door. Attend tonight's meeting and make your voice heard!


P.S. You can also take action by contacting key Lake Geneva decision makers:


Contact the Finance Committee

Peg Pollitt – City Comptroller: 262-248-3673 /

Contact the Lake Geneva City Council

1st District Elizabeth Chappell – / 262-903-8035

1st District Chris Gelting – / 262-751-7109

2nd District Doug Skates – / 262-249-0091

2nd District Ted Horne – / 262-425-4366

3rd District Richard Hedlund – / 262-203-5900

3rd District Bob Kordus – / 414-916-9663

4th District Ken Howell – / 262-949-7564

4th District Cindy Flower – / 262-374-0678

Mayor Alan Kupsik – / 262-749-0842

* Be sure to include C4LG on all emails;


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