Tell Lake Geneva Leaders: Support Dredging Campaign & Protect Geneva Lake!

Starry Stonewort (SSW), an aggressive and invasive species of algae, has infiltrated Geneva Lake! Four out of five local municipalities have agreed to a plan to hydraulically dredge the lake (the safest and most effective method of combatting SSW), but the City of Lake Geneva continues to balk at the plan. Meanwhile, this ecological threat becomes greater by the day. We must urge all community leaders to step up NOW before SSW spoils the health, beauty and vitality of our cherished Geneva Lake.

Contact Lake Geneva city leaders, and urge them to sign the Shared Services Agreement to safely combat SSW! 

**contact information is courtesy of the City of Lake Geneva website**

Be sure to copy C4LG on all emails:

Below are some key talking points you can use when you contact city officials:

  • Starry Stonewort (SSW), an invasive and incredibly destructive species of algae, has already infiltrated Geneva Lake, and hydraulic dredging is the most logical way to protect the lake from an all-out ecological disaster;
  • The plan needs all five municipalities to sign, otherwise the project dies, and Geneva Lake will likely undergo dangerous chemical treatments;
  • SSW has devastating impacts on the lakes it infiltrates, blocking sunlight and depriving native phytoplankton of the life-sustaining nutrients needed for aquatic plants;
  • The algae spreads rapidly and can thrive on the surface of waters as deep as 20 feet, making it a severe threat to key portions of Geneva Lake; 
  • Recreational activities – boating, swimming and fishing – become virtually impossible in lakes overtaken by this species;
  • As an interim measure in lieu of dredging, officials propose using chemical treatments; these treatments are harmful and ineffective because SSW’s reproductive organs take root down under the sediment where chemicals can’t reach;
  • The level of damage SSW will cause in Geneva Lake will devastate our local economy and destroy one of the state’s premier sources of tourism dollars.

This video shows the drastic results of Starry Stonewort infestation, as the species overtook Minnesota's Lake Koronis in just a couple years. This could very well be Geneva Lake if drastic action isn't taken!


Help us advocate on behalf of Geneva Lake