TIF 4 & Lake Geneva Taxpayers to Pay for Reroute?

Although Care for Lake Geneva is not surprised by Lake Geneva’s public works department and Mayor Connors’ proposal to re-route S. Lake Shore Drive through Big Foot Beach State Park, we are concerned that development like this is contradictory to the city’s mission to “preserve its small city atmosphere & carefully control land use & development.”  Nothing about this project is about preservation or control. 

Preservation is not developing preserved forested land into a road that replaces the historic & lone scenic drive along Geneva Lake. Preservation is not removing over 10% of Big Foot Beach State Park’s trees to make way for 4 separate paved parking lots, totaling spaces for over 300 parking spots. Preservation is not repurposing a lagoon ecosystem into a boat launch when Lake Geneva and the Town of Linn already have 4.

Without a doubt removing this 187-year-old scenic drive certainly takes Lake Geneva one big step further from a “small city atmosphere.” This proposal commercializes a state park at the cost of millions of dollars to local Lake Geneva taxpayers. 

Act now and sign the petition urging Mayor Connors, Lake Geneva Public Works & the Wisc. DNR to abandon this plan.


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